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When in Los Angeles...

DayMaker Features Rockaway Records

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Rockaway Write-Up In The Silver Lake Blog

Rockaway co-owner Wayne Johnson talks about Rockaway Records' past, present and future, and his first job!! Continue reading

Storewide Sale Details for April 16, 2016

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Previously undocumented rigid vinyl version of a rare flexi-disc.

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Rockaway will NOT be participating in RSD 2016

Dear Rockaway Friends, Supporters and Record Store Day Fans,

It's official. We will NOT be participating in Record Store Day 2016 on April 16. This will come as little or no surprise to those of you who follow our store happenings and are aware that we also did not participate in RSD Black Friday 2015.

April 16 will become our version of a customer appreciation day. We WILL still be having a storewide sale at our brick & mortar store on that day; we just won't be carrying any Record Store Day product.

The reasons behind this decision are the same as those behind our decision to bow out of RSD Black Friday. There's no need to go into all the details that we previously set forth; suffice to say that we believe the spirit of the day is not what it used to be and that the benefits we derive from participation are no longer offset by the amounts of time, effort and costs required for us to adequately take part.

Please stay tuned for more details about our sale and the happenings we have planned for it. Spoiler alert: there will be live music, great giveaways and lots of fresh discounted kick-ass vinyl, CDs, DVDs/Blu-Rays… and more!


Your Pals at Rockaway

The California Poster Collection

We're extremely proud and excited to announce the recent acquisition of a massive collection of over 1,000 vintage rock and pop concert posters and handbills, obtained by Rockaway co-owner Wayne Johnson from one private collector.

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Rolling Stones Collectibles: Vinyl, Posters, and More

At Rockaway, we acquire unique, rare and interesting memorabilia — especially from artists such as The Beatles, Elvis, the Beach Boys and, of course, the Rolling Stones. Below are five pieces of unique or interesting Rolling Stones collectibles that we’re sure any fan would love to have!

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Important Message About Rockaway & RSD Black Friday

Dear Rockaway Friends, Supporters and Record Store Day Black Friday Fans,

In regards to our Los Angeles retail store, Rockaway has evaluated our participation in Record Store Day Black Friday and has decided that we will not be involved this year. That means that we will not be carrying any of the Black Friday 2015 releases.

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