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Item #: 22551
Format Type: Memorabilia
Title: Signed Hofner Bass
Label: -
Description: 1960s vintage original German-made Hofner Sunburst electric violin bass guitar which has been signed on the body by Paul McCartney in black marker. This bass, which is similar to the one used by McCartney throughout his career (although this is a right-handed model), was autographed by Paul in 1992 in Studio A at the legendary Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood.

A signed letter of authenticity from the guitar's previous owner (a Capitol Records employee) is included. It states that while Paul was at Capitol Records in the summer of 1992, he was asked by the employee if he would pose for a photo with the Hofner bass. Since Paul admired the fact that the bass was a vintage one, he not only obliged, but also asked the owner if he would like him to sign it. McCartney then picked up the bass, played a few notes to try it out and then signed it directly on the body between the pickups. A photo that was taken that day of Paul with the signed bass is also included. Shown in the photo is the then-owner holding the signed bass, McCartney with one hand resting on the neck, and three other Capitol employees.

This vintage bass has some wear and tear, including a small worn spot next to one of the pickups, but it's still in nice condition. It could easily be restored, as it has all original vintage parts. The pickguard is missing and could easily be replaced with a replica. However, since the pickguard is not present in the 1992 photo and the bass is otherwise all-original, we did not feel it was necessary to replace it pre-sale. Also, McCartney has played his Hofner without the pickguard for many years. Also included is the bass' original black hardshell case, although it is in very well-used condition.

There are many signed Paul McCartney bass guitars offered for sale regularly. However, of the genuine ones out there, almost all have been signed on the pickguard, not on the body of the guitar itself. And most of those were never signed while the pickguard was actually on the guitar - Paul simply signed a piece of plastic, which was later attached to a guitar. Also, Paul rarely, if ever, signs a guitar on the body. When he does, they are almost always modern issue Hofners, not vintage ones such as this.

At the previous owner's request, his name and face have been obscured in our photos. Only the buyer will receive the actual signed letter and untouched photo, so the employee's identity will only be revealed to the buyer.

This signed bass has better provenance than probably any ever offered. We purchased this directly from the Capitol employee who owned it and who obtained the autograph himself. His signed letter documenting the event is included, as well as photo documentation of Paul with the signed bass. Also included is a letter of authenticity from Frank Caiazzo, the world's foremost Beatles autograph expert.

A very rare, special item indeed.

Condition: VG
Price: $15000.00
Category: High $ Memorabilia
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