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Item #: 22778
Format Type: Memorabilia
Main Artist: BEATLES
Title: Set Of 4 Signed Stock Transfer Forms
Label: -
Description: Set of four separate 8" x 13" stock transfer forms, one signed by each member (George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr) of the Beatles. All documents, which were date-stamped July 30th, 1969, are signed in black ballpoint pen. The two-sided typed documents also include each band member's home address, as well as a stamp from Triumph Investment Trust, Ltd. and embossed tax seals dated August 13th, 1969. The back of each document is printed, but blank, containing no writing or stamps. The documents are extremely well preserved and are in excellent condition.

These shares were the Beatles' holdings as a result of the sale of NEMS Publishing to Triumph earlier in 1969. Each form indicates a transfer amount of 735 shares. These agreements represent a decision by the Beatles to transfer an equal number of shares of Triumph stock to the brokerage house Whyte, Brecher, & Gasc Ltd. Each of these transactions was made through the band members' individual investment companies: Edelweiss (John Lennon), Apricot (Paul McCartney), Daffodil (George Harrison), and Cornflower (Ringo Starr, who signed as "R. Starkey," short for his legal name, Richard Starkey).

Beatles signatures appearing on anything from the year 1969 are both scarce and extremely desirable. When these agreements were signed, the Beatles were in EMI Studios putting the finishing touches on their final album, Abbey Road. In fact, on the very same day these forms were signed John recorded lead guitar overdubs on "Come Together" and the band completed their first full mix-down on the famous Abbey Road medley. Furthermore, one week later (Friday August 1st, 1969) the four Beatles would participate in the photo shoot that resulted in the iconic Abbey Road album cover.

It is worth noting that Beatles signatures appearing on anything from the year 1969 are also sought after because of the close proximity to the band's breakup. When the band was forced to start taking a closer look at their financial situation (after manager Brian Epstein's death two years earlier) they were displeased by what they saw. These documents are an example of the band's attempts to shuffle their stock holdings and royalty arrangements. Fairly or not, these financial issues -- as often as personality conflicts and musical differences -- are today blamed for the Beatles' demise.

Beyond historical relevance and rarity, provenance is always of paramount concern with Beatles signatures. These stock transfer forms, by their very nature as official UK legal documents, offer indisputable authenticity. The set of forms also includes a 2008 letter of authenticity from Frank Caiazzo, the world's foremost Beatles signature expert, as well as letters of authenticity from Tracks LTD. and PSA/DNA, as well as Rockaway Records' Letter of Authenticity.

For full size images of the documents, please click the following links:

George Harrison

John Lennon

Paul McCartney

Ringo Starr

Reverse Side Of Stock Transfer Form

Frank Caiazzo Letter of Authenticity

Condition: VG++
Price: $27000.00
Category: 60s/70s Rock
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