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Item #: 22966
Format Type: LP & 12" Vinyl
Main Artist: BEACH BOYS
Title: Fully Signed Pet Sounds
Label: Capitol
Description: 1966 mono original Canadian LP which is autographed by all six Beach Boys. While on tour in Australia in 1970, The Beach Boys (minus Brian) signed this album cover for a fan in Perth on April 24th.

Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson and Alan Jardine signed on the front cover, while Mike Love and Bruce Johnston signed on the back, along with touring band member Ed Carter. These signatures are all in blue ballpoint pen.

While on tour in the U.S. in 2012, Brian Wilson signed this album cover for a fan in Detroit on June 30th to complete the set. Mike Love also signed it again. Both of these signatures are in black marker on the front cover.

The original recipient of the 1970 autographs met Dennis Wilson at his hotel in Perth. There he and his wife chatted with him while Dennis signed their album. Then they asked Dennis if he would like to accompany them to go fishing on the beach and he obliged! Afterwards, they all went to the Perth airport where the couple met the other Beach Boys and had them sign the album cover.

Included in this lot is the photographic evidence of these two encounters! There are four separate photos taken at the airport of Dennis, Carl, Alan and Bruce. each is black and white and 3.5" x 3.5". There are three color photos, including one of Mike next to a limo and two of Dennis at the beach. One of these shows the couple talking to Dennis (with a fishing pole in hand), while a teenager next to him is holding the album cover.

Also included is a handwritten letter from 2012 written by the original recipient, detailing the encounters (although the dates mentioned are a little off after 42 years).

To date, this is one of only three known fully signed Pet Sounds album covers. The other two were signed in the 1970s and 1980s, making this the earliest one and also this one has the best provenance.

The top and bottom seams were split about half way across, but have been neatly repaired and the bottom right corner is a little bent.

Includes Rockaway Records Letter of Authenticity.

A very rare and collectible Beach Boys item!

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Condition: Disc G+, Cover VG
Price: $4000.00
Category: Autographs
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