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Item #: 23331
Format Type: Memorabilia
Main Artist: LENNON, JOHN
Title: John Lennon Owned & Worn Belt Buckle + Signed Note
Label: -
Description: This 3.5" x 2.25" belt buckle was owned and worn frequently by John Lennon.

Included are two photographs of John wearing this exact buckle. One shows John on stage with Harry Nilsson at a benefit concert in Central Park on April 28th, 1974. The other was taken on September 21st, 1974 at KSAN-FM radio in San Francisco while John was doing an interview to promote his "Walls and Bridges" album. Shortly after that interview he gave the buckle to a friend of his, Spence Berland, who was then vice-president of Record World magazine.

Spence often wore a particular, rare RCA "Nipper" promotional belt buckle. John saw it and really wanted. After several requests for Spence to let him have it, John ended up trading Spence his own buckle (nickel/silver with 9 turquoise stones) for the RCA buckle. John then gave Spence a note that John handwrote in black marker which said "To Spence Belt up! Love John Lennon 74". That original note is included with this buckle as well as a Letter of Authenticity from Frank Caiazzo, the world's foremost Beatles signature expert.

Also included are two photos of Spence with John; one with Spence wearing the RCA buckle and one with Spence wearing the buckle John gave him. We have also included a signed letter of provenance from Spence.

This buckle is in beautiful condition. It was made by B-K Silversmiths, which is engraved on the back. Also engraved on the back is "To Spence Belt up! Love John Lennon 74" , which was copied from the note from John and engraved in the style of his handwriting. It should be pointed out that this engraving was done after the fact by Spence's wife.

The note John wrote is written on a 10.75" x 7.25" sheet of 2-ring binder paper which is then mounted on a 12" x 8.5" piece of removable parchment paper. The original sheet of 2-ring binder paper has several creases and small pieces missing, none of which greatly impacts the handwritten note and signature.

Over the years we have seen many personal items that were supposedly owned by Lennon sell for exorbitant prices. Seldom have we seen items with the impeccable provenance and photo identification that this buckle has. Basically, John Lennon's handwritten note represents a COA from the artist himself. Also includes Rockaway Records Letter of Authenticity.

John Lennon and Harry Nilsson on stage at a March of Dimes benefit concert in Central Park in New York City on April 28, 1974.

John Lennon being interviewed by Tom Donahue at KSAN-FM in San Francisco on September 21, 1974.

John Lennon with Spence Berland in the offices of Record World in Los Angeles in late September or early October 1974. Spence is wearing the RCA "Nipper" buckle that John wanted.

John Lennon with Spence Berland on that same day with Spence now wearing John's belt buckle.

Condition: M-
Price: $20000.00
Category: Autographs
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