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Announcement: New Retail Store Hours

Announcement: New Retail Store Hours

Announcement: New Retail Store Hours

Since 1979, Rockaway Records has established itself as one of the premiere destinations for quality music and memorabilia in Los Angeles. We have maintained that reputation and stayed competitive by adapting to industry changes. For instance, when other stores started to shift most or all of their coolest and rarest items to sites like eBay exclusively, we built our own website so most of our coolest and rarest items could also stay on display and available for purchase in our retail store.

Our latest adaptation will begin Tuesday, September 5th with new retail store hours:

Monday - 1pm - 6pm

Tuesday - CLOSED

Wednesday - 1pm - 6pm

Thursday - 1pm - 6pm

Friday - 11am - 7pm

Saturday - 11am - 7pm

Sunday - 11am - 7pm

Please note, we may still be available to buy your music, movies and memorabilia outside of these stated hours. Call 323-664-3232 to schedule an appointment. If you have collectibles or a large collection, it’s always best to make an appointment!

Our reasons for this transition are twofold. First, we want our small but expert staff to have more time to obtain the quality inventory you have come to expect from us. The second reason is more personal. We’ve worked hard to achieve our goals for Rockaway, and those of us who have been here 10, 20 or 30 years — working sometimes six or seven days a week — would now like the flexibility to enjoy more time with our families.

Rockaway wouldn’t be where it is today without the continued and devoted patronage of our customers. We apologize if our new hours pose any inconvenience, but it is our belief — and goal — that this will result in a more fruitful shopping experience. And you’ll still receive the high level of service you’ve come to know all these years.








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