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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the dimensions and weight of this item, it cannot be purchased directly ... full description
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Full Description

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the dimensions and weight of this item, it cannot be purchased directly through our website. YOU NEED TO CALL ROCKAWAY TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS. Crating and freight will be at the buyer's expense.

This is the original yellowish-white and blue fiberglass surfboard that is pictured on the classic Beach Boys album covers for "Surfin' Safari" (1962) and "Surfer Girl" (1963), as well as in other photos from the Ken Veeder photo shoot at Paradise Cove in Malibu California, where both album cover photos originated. [The five beach images above were captured during the Paradise Cove photo shoot. Note the decal near the tail of the board in one of them.] Not only is it the actual board pictured, but this board also originally belonged to the only real surfer in the Beach Boys, drummer Dennis Wilson. The board came from a Hermosa Beach, California surf shop called The Outrigger, as evidenced by the shop's logo decal visible at the rear of the board. [The unique design of the decal can be matched up identically with any vintage photograph of the board.] When Capitol Records needed a prop for a Beach Boys photo shoot, Dennis simply provided his own board.

[note: video player's full screen option may not work properly]


Sometime in the 1970s, Dennis gave the surfboard to his close friend Louis Marotta, who was friends with the Wilson boys and lived across the street from them in Hawthorne, California. The Beach Boys often used Louis when they needed favors or odd jobs done. He was also name-checked on their aforementioned debut album, "Surfin' Safari", in the song "Chug-A-Lug". Louis kept the board in the rafters of his garage until 1985, at which time he gifted it to his close friend Bob Stafford. [Included in the photos above is a 1985 photo from the day the board was picked up at Louis Marotta's house. The bearded adult at right is Louis. In front of him is Brian Stafford, Bob's son, at age 14.] Louis knew that Bob was a huge Beach Boys fan - in fact, Bob named his son Brian after Brian Wilson. Sadly, Bob passed away. Brian Stafford owns this board today. Rockaway Records is acting as his official agent in promoting and marketing the surfboard for sale.

This surfboard was the focal point of the year-long exhibit "Good Vibrations: 50 Years Of The Beach Boys" (September 2012 - September 2013) at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, where it was insured for $200,000. In one image above you can see The Beach Boys themselves posing for photographs in front of the exhibit with the board behind them. In another shot you can see the exhibit in which the board itself was prominently displayed.

When the actual board is compared side by side with the photos on the album covers, every little detail matches exactly. The only real difference is that the board is no longer just yellowish-white; it has yellowed even more from over 50 years of age. As well as impeccable photo identification, the sale includes Bob Stafford's typed, dated, signed and notarized recollections of Louis Marotta, Dennis Wilson and how he acquired the surfboard [pictured above].

This is undoubtedly one of the most incredible pieces of Beach Boys memorabilia to ever hit the market! What better Beach Boys collectible to own than Dennis Wilson's very own surfboard - the one immortalized on two of the group's iconic album covers? You could argue that without this very board there may never have been a Beach Boys. Dennis spent many pre-Beach Boys days riding the waves on this board at crowded local beaches and saw first-hand how popular the sport of surfing had become. He later suggested to his big brother Brian that he write a song about the craze. The result was "Surfin'", which became their debut single as The Beach Boys on the Candix label and later on Capitol Records.

The surfboard is just over 9 feet long, 21 inches wide and approximately 3 inches thick, with a 12 inch tall fin, which is 12 inches wide at the base. It weighs approximately 25 pounds. The surf shop decal measures 3.25 inches x 2.5 inches.

The board has never been restored. It has normal wear and tear, as you might expect, considering it has had some use over 50+ years. There are some scratches, dings and paint chips all over, as well as some additional wear at the nose. There are also what appear to be a few small vintage repair marks. Overall, the surfboard is in very good condition and is very displayable.