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Rockaway Records is well-known and respected worldwide for the high quality of our inventory, both online and in our retail store. We grade accurately, honestly and - very importantly - conservatively. Many of our customers are consistently pleased to discover that the quality and grade of their purchases exceeds their expectations.

All items we sell are 100% guaranteed and we stand behind them. If any item purchased is not as we have described and 100% authentic, we will issue an immediate refund. However, our standards are so strict that this rarely happens.

We vet our inventory very carefully for authenticity - only listing items that we are confident are genuine. This is especially important when it comes to autographs, acetates, record awards and sealed albums. These, in particular, are scrutinized to the Nth degree, as they are the most commonly faked items in the world of music collectibles.

We grade accurately, honestly and conservatively, so our customers will be completely satisfied. We are just as discerning when selling records as we are when buying them. Buy with confidence as all records are fully guaranteed (although we rarely get returns). We believe that a VG condition record should mean VERY GOOD, NOT "very bad". All cover and vinyl problems (e.g. seam splits, writing, warps, etc.) are noted in addition to the grade. We believe that by listing the defects and grading honestly, the collector will be able to visualize the condition of the record (or sleeve) before purchasing. We hope this eliminates any surprises for the buyer. We grade all items carefully under a very bright light. Whether the record is worth $50 or $50,000 and whether the record was issued in the 1950s or the 1990s, it receives equal scrutiny.

(SS) Still Sealed. Unopened and factory sealed. We sell only records that we are absolutely certain have not been resealed. We open anything that is suspect, including titles that were resealed by cut-out distributors (common practice in the 70s).

(M)  Mint. Perfect, flawless. We rarely, if ever, use this grade.

(M-) or (NM)  Mint Minus or Near Mint. Usually our highest grade.
Records from the 1950s and 60s in this condition are truly rare.

(VG++)  Very Good Plus Plus. Beautiful collectible condition.
Many of our VG++ records would grade M- elsewhere.

(VG+)  Very Good Plus. Great condition. Well cared for.

(VG)  Very Good. Still excellent condition, but more wear than VG+.
This grade is equivalent to many dealers' "EX".

(VG-)  Very Good Minus. Generally not collectible condition, unless it's a very rare record.

(G)  Good. Lots of wear, but still playable.

(WBR)  Wrecked But Rare. Otherwise known as a "Starter Copy".
Not cracked, but poor condition.

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