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    Rob Roth - Director: Alice Cooper, Steve Miller, KISS, Broadway's "Beauty and the Beast"

    Gary and Wayne Johnson. What is there left to say about them and their fabulous Rockaway Records? Everyone knows that they have the best eyes for vinyl and memorabilia. At prices that are completely fair and honest. Going to their Silver Lake store is like going on a fabulous treasure hunt. I've never left the store without finding some rare and cool items for my collection. I almost don't want to write this because Rockaway has been my biggest source. In fact, don't go to Rockaway! Don't visit their website at www.rockaway.com. Make believe you never read this.

    Jeff Gold - Recordmecca.com

    Gary and Wayne Johnson of Rockaway Records are the best of the best. World class experts in rare records and music collectibles, as honest as it comes, and a pleasure to deal with. It’s been my pleasure to have known and dealt with them for more than thirty years—and I look forward to many more years of doing so. I can’t recommend them more highly.

    Craig Kallman - Chairman/CEO, Atlantic Records Group

    I have been buying from Gary and Wayne at Rockaway for over 25 years. They turn up amazing records and memorabilia and price it completely fairly. They are wonderful to deal with and have extraordinary customer service. They go above and beyond for their patrons and really look out for them. I highly recommend visiting their store if you are in Los Angeles.

    Perry Cox - author, "Price Guide for the Beatles American Records"

    I started in the field of music memorabilia collecting back in 1981. It was then I first met and started what has now become a lifetime and wonderfully long business and friendship relationship with Rockaway Records. I could say so much more in terms of positive overlay, but I'll simply say they have been the single best company I've ever dealt with period. They maintain the highest integrity and their level of service is unequaled. They are, and have always been a company who completely understands every aspect of what we do. Nobody does it better.

    Brian Beirne "Mr. Rock N' Roll" - Legendary Los Angeles Radio Personality

    When it came time to pare down my 40,000 record collection, there was only one person I trusted enough to call - Gary Johnson of Rockaway Records. I have known Gary and Wayne for over 30 years and have bought and sold many items from them. You can always trust that they will be fair and square.

    Steve Resnik - Music Industry Executive

    I have been doing business with Wayne at Rockaway for more than thirty years. I have referred some thirty to forty music industry executives and friends to Rockaway to sell their collections. Not one, I repeat - Not One - has ever come back with anything other than glowing comments and results. I have found Rockaway to be the most honest and most knowledgeable company re: Rock 'n' Roll memorabilia and music of the many other companies that I have dealt with.

    Lenny Bronstein - HEavy Lenny Promotions, Las Vegas NV

    A number of years ago as I was downsizing, it broke my heart to sell my vinyl collection which started back in 1954 and grew to almost 85,000 albums. A close friend recommended Wayne at Rockaway as honest and dedicated to the music. Well, he exceeded all my expectations from day one. He spent the time discovering gems and rarities and unreleased albums as well as collectors' items in addition to the sheer volume and spent days in my garage. His remuneration was more than fair, but what made him a real mensch was coming back a few times with an additional check for records that sold beyond his expectations and he shared his good fortune with me even though I would have never known about his windfall. When I left Santa Monica and had to sell my nearly 40,000 cd's, he was wonderful once again. I can't give higher superlatives to Wayne & Rockaway. He cares...he knows...he respects.


    Eureka! You have found him, an honest man. Wayne is not only the most honest person I have ever met, I mean ever, he is one of the nicest people on the planet, He is ALWAYS fair, honest and accommodating. He is a true expert in the business he has loved for his whole life. I have had several occasions when I found an additional check in the mail from Wayne for items I have already accepted a price for. I would always trust Rockaway. I consider him a life long friend and a brother.

    Billy Steinberg - Songwriter ("Like A Virgin", "True Colors", "I'll Stand By You", "Eternal Flame", "Alone", "I Touch Myself", etc.)

    I have been collecting vinyl records since I was a kid. Rockaway is one of my all-time favorite record stores. Gary and Wayne are extremely knowledgeable about all genres. I know when I go to Rockaway that I will find a treasure, a vintage LP or 45 to add to my collection. Rockaway's records are in good condition and fairly priced. I once bought a large collection of records from a guy in New York. There were some 1970's punk records that I didn't know anything about, except that I wanted to sell them. Gary came to my house and spent hours looking through the boxes of records that I wanted to sell. In the end, he made me a very fair offer. I highly recommend a visit to Rockaway!

    Allan Mason - Executive Music Producer/Music Supervisor

    Gary Johnson is the creme de la creme, state of the art, & guru of honesty & fair play when the subject has anything to do with LPs, 45s, & any other rock & roll memorabilia & collectibles. Here is one example. I have sent many deejays & radio friends to Gary . They were looking to sell a few items. Gary 's pricing was SO FAIR & HONEST, they sold him everything. They called me & thanked me up the wazoo. Examples like this have been going on for more than 25 years--OVER & OVER again. Rockaway Records is HAPPENING!! Thanks for taking care of people the way that you do---ME INCLUDED!!

    Michael Ochs - Music and entertainment photo archivist

    What I can say about Rockaway is that they've been my go-to dealers for well over two decades. Not only have I always found them to be fair and honest; but, after recommending them to innumerable friends, I've received nothing but thanks. I continue to recommend them unconditionally.

    David Hall - President and Founder, Collectors Universe (NASDAQ:CLCT)

    Rockaway Records is one of the best companies I’ve dealt with in any collectibles market. In his area of expertise, Gary Johnson is one of the top experts of all-time. More importantly, I’ve been doing business with Gary and Rockaway for three decades and because of their extremely high degree of integrity, I trust them 100%.